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Crystal Candle Lab: A DIY Cafe Balancing Customer Needs with Space and Service

Background & Problem

Cafes are “third places,” which are spaces apart from home or work where people exchange ideas, have a good time, and build relationships. However, cafes can also face conflicting dynamics because of the need to create productive workspaces while also allowing for socialization.

Concept & Solution

Crystal Candle Lab is a new cafe in Richmond that offers an enjoyable, immersive experience and provides a comforting sense of ownership over personal space. Its goal is to seamlessly balance the often-conflicting dynamics of work and socializing, empowering individuals to make each moment count and creating a unique experience.

8 Weeks
3D modeling
Interior design
Adobe AI
Rhino 3D
Keyshot Rendering

Crystal Candle Lab -  Every moment and need matters

Crystal Candle Lab prioritizes the spatial needs of its customers, aiming to elevate every moment of their experience. It contains three areas - DIY & workshop, candle study cafe, and artistic candle shop.

Candle study cafe

Study in a quiet, independent environment.

DIY & workshop

Make candles with your friends and family!

artistic candle shop

Purchase unique candles on-site or online.

First floor

DIY & Workshop

The tables display a liquid wax design to create a playful atmosphere. We provide you with all the materials and tools. All you need to do is reserve seats on our website!

First floor

Artistic Candle Shop

Crystal sells many unique and artistic candles, which showcases the limitless potential of candle-making!


Candle Study Cafe

Crystal allows you to choose your favorite candle and bring it to your seat. If you like it, you can even buy it at the downstairs candle shop. This area is for individual study. Customers are encouraged to use the candles to create a comfortable, personalized atmosphere where they can concentrate.

More Features

Crystal Candle Lab is outstanding inside and out.

We offer various eye-catching features throughout the customers’ journey.


Spill Alert: Beware of the Liquid Wax!

The liquid wax facade is eye-catching to help draw in outside traffic.


Check out what’s popular right now

In the front, there is a display filled with water showcasing the popular seasonal candle.


Discover your favorite elements!

Here’s a section to experience the scent of each candle oil, learn its uses, and read small stories of different flowers.


Show off your unique candle

Crystal provides you with a backdrop to show off your candle. You are welcome to take pictures here and post them on social media. We will change the scene each season for different holidays and special dates.


Crafting an Elegant and Cozy Vibe

The logo combines a crystal, firelight, and a test tube. A candle is like a crystal, shining with firelight yet providing warmth. This creates an elegant and cozy vibe that can bring people together. The test tube is the best representation for crafting a candle since you commonly use tools found in a laboratory during the process.

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