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Eco-Dala activates net zero emissions through eco-travel and creates the first Olympics to have no lasting negative environmental impact.

Background & Problem

Stockholm, Sweden will host the Winter Olympics in 2026. The Olympics typically bring lots of travel, carbon emissions, and environmental damage. However, Stockholm is one of Europe's most environmentally friendly cities and an international role model of global environmental and climate action.

Concept & Solution

Eco-Dala is a mobile application that enhances the Stockholm Olympic experience in line with the ZeroNet mission. By integrating Google Maps API and AR, users can discover eco-friendly stores, low-emission commuting routes, and sustainable infrastructure. Additionally, the app fosters environmental awareness and promotes sustainable practices globally by making emissions tangible and sharing sustainable concepts.

8 Weeks
UI/UX Design



Eco-Dala - Join the Stockholm Winter Olympics and practice sustainability

Collaborate with Olympic teams to curate net zero emissions and a harmless Olympics. By sharing the sustainable concepts and experiences from Stockholm, Sweden, people will be inspired to take action and work together.

The Olympic registration

Stay Updated on the Olympics

Logging in allows users to import their tickets and partially pay for transportation. However, Eco-Dala is accessible without logging in. Additionally, the app provides users with the Olympics schedule and athlete merchandise to support their favorites.

Key Insight:

1. The login and signup are often exit points for the users, so this is optional.

2. The sharing link of merchandise can boost engagement and drive new users.

Travel in Stockholm

Travel Sustainably with Google Maps API

The "Travel" page employs the Google Maps API and provides users with eco-friendly routes and a wide variety of image galleries, allowing them to go beyond the standard recommendations.

Key Insight:

1. The random scrolling in the gallery allows people to explore without being limited by a frame, leading to a more freeform exploration.

2. Utilize the gallery to display a mix of general and sustainable options, preventing users from feeling overwhelmed with eco-related choices.

Explore the Local choice

Eco Eye AR: Explore Local Sustainable Stores & Connections

Through the locals’ recommendations and exploring sustainable stores with the eco eye AR filter, users can observe how stores implement eco-missions and learn how locals cultivate a relationship with nature.

Key Insight:

Swedes' profound appreciation and respect for nature permeates their culture and daily lives.

The eco-eye page presents tourists with locally-sourced and environmentally-friendly options, allowing them to engage with Sweden's deep-rooted connection to nature fully.

Explore the infrastructure

Discover the City's Eco-Facilities

Users can open the eco eye AR in any place in the city to explore Stockholm’s unique installations and activities according to their environmental policy and share them with their friends.

Key Insight:

Experiencing something in person has a more substantial effect than searching for information online. Nevertheless, the abundance of stimuli on-site during a trip to Stockholm can cause individuals to overlook the city's unique features.

In such instances, "eco eye" guidance during the journey can highlight these features and provide people with a more profound and meaningful impression.

Rewarding for the mission

Get Rewards for Saving Emissions

Users can track their progress and earn exchangeable meals, activities, or products as souvenirs for participating in our Zeronet mission program.

Key Insight:

People tend to feel less motivated when there is no feedback or progress tracking.

However, if ZeroNet programs implement a reward system at the outset, individuals can visualize their achievements and gain a sense of pride in being part of the growth program, which further motivates them to take action.


William Vogelsang: Art Direction

Travis Fairman: Brand experience

Tommy Legg: Art Direction

Reflection & Takeaways

Be more conscious about the consistency of color usage and font sizes.

I received various color palettes from our brand visuals. So when applying the visuals after making wireframes, I realized that I needed to maintain consistency in the ratio of colors and establish the typographic hierarchy. Using every color and font in the app can cause confusion and create a mess for users, so now I am very mindful of it.

The business consideration behind the collaborations with the governments, organizations, and the API.

At one presentation of this project, we got feedback on the cost of making each feature because we tried to build everything by ourselves. After it, we dived more into the project's business aspect, expanding it to possibly every resource we can utilize.

Learning how to make people participate in the ZeroNet emission program and raise environmental awareness.

We've been talking about climate change for ages, whether it's in the news, in class, or in articles. But the real challenge is getting people to take action. It's a daunting task that often feels overwhelming, and we may even wonder if our efforts are making a difference. However, after digging into our research on Sweden, we discovered a treasure trove of impressive features in their cities, culture, and mindset that we can all learn from. By sharing these insights, we can spark meaningful conversations and inspire positive changes that will make a real impact in the fight against climate change.

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