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Taiwei globalizes Taiwanese cuisine through interactive recipe visualization to engage a wider audience.

Background & Problem

In the US, eating is more of a necessity, but in Taiwan, it's a pleasure. While the US has plenty of fast food options like fries, pizza, and burgers, Taiwan offers a variety of dishes, ingredients, and cooking techniques to experiment with. Unfortunately, discussing Taiwanese food with locals was often limited to small talk due to my limited knowledge and the language barrier.

Concept & Solution

Taiwei, a Taiwanese brand, features a website that showcases Taiwanese recipes, complete with ingredients, instructions, and cultural stories to educate those unfamiliar with Taiwan. The interactive user interface boosts engagement and curiosity by bringing static instructions and images to life.

8 Weeks
Interaction Design
UI Design
The color

The colors are from the combination of public and private perceptions toward Taiwan.

When I talk about Taiwan, people usually think of boba tea, Chinese New Year, and nature - the common perception for foreigners. To capture Taiwan's natural, genuine, and friendly essence, I combined these public perceptions with my own memories of the country to create a visual identity.

The Illustration

Learn Traditional Taiwanese Ingredients and Brands with Realistic Illustrations and Pronunciations.

When I talk about dishes, it's hard to explain all the ingredients without boring people. So, if I keep the illustrations realistic and list everything with their names, people won't feel like they're chasing clues and struggling to understand.

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