" Let’s share Sunny emojis, and shine on each other."

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Sunny Emojis create a connected community with long-lasting relationships by sharing vivid expressions and delight.

Background & Problem

Digital messages allow us to communicate worldwide. When messages get misunderstood, relationships can suffer. Current emojis in iMessage don't always show how we feel. Still, stickers and emojis are enormous in the US.

Concept & Solution

Sunflower, a fresh emoji brand with its mascot "Sunny," aims to promote positive relationships and foster trust and empathy through rich emotional emojis and a cheerful vibe. The mission of Sunflower is to create a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive digital community.

8 Weeks
Character Design

"Sunflower" gives people a positive and delightful image.

Sunflowers are famous for bringing joy with their warm and cheerful colors, including the green shade inspired by nature, which adds authenticity to the brand's image.

Mascot Sunny

Hey! I am Sunny!

I am an optimistic, open-minded, and energetic girl. I love to make people happy and share my funny stories. I like to show up when you least expect me.


Sharing stickers is a small action, but it can resonate with people.

There are forty emojis in a set that can convey emotions realistically!!

Social Media

" Sunny makes your day, clouds go away. "

Sunny shares her life on social media and also posts the content. A story gives people context and emotional connection to the character. By showing her personality, people can feel how "human" she is.


Let's chat with Sunny!

Sunny is available for download on several apps: iMessage, Line, and WhatsApp.

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