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How can we demonstrate Clorox's product strength and broaden its market to reach Millennials?


Clorox is a trusted brand known for its cleaning products' strength and effectiveness. However, they have difficulty acquiring younger, Millennial-aged customers who don’t like their harsh, unscented products. But 80% DO enjoy True Crime, the place where harsh chemical cleaners are often found scrubbing a crime scene. By introducing a “Sneaky Clean,” we will engage true crime and cleaning fans in a whole new way.

Concept & Solution

Sneaky Clean is an interactive microsite for Clorox's experiential marketing campaign. It can be accessed via a QR code featured on TikTok, Instagram reels, and call-to-action ads in subways and bus stations. Each story on the site is a unique series that visitors can immerse themselves in, playing as detectives to uncover more clues and solve the exciting crime game.

7 Weeks
Interaction Design
UI Design

Abi Diallo: Strategy

Justin Zollar: Brand Management

Kari Martin Hollinger: Brand Management

Becka Hammond: Art Direction

Cameron Sharer: Copywriting

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